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The ultimate place to buy your next CCTV kits, CCTV cameras, and CCTV recorders. We offer complete wireless, IP, and AHD CCTV systems.

IP CCTV Systems

Our complete full-HD IP CCTV systems. 1080p and Ultra-High-Definition recording. The professional solution for your home, office, store.

Analog CCTV Systems

AHD Analog CCTV cameras and recorders have stood the test of time, having been used as the de-facto standard prior to digital.

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ICONE IRON 4K UHD 4K satellite receiver with unlimited ORCA server and 2 years gogo IPTV.

5MP CCTV Systems

The latest collection of all our signature Zxtech IP, Wireless, and Analog cameras; along with our NVR and DVR recorders.